Friday, July 14, 2017

Young Living

I have been absent from the blog for so long but had a fun reason to revist it. I was 100% convinced Essential Oil products were just a luxury, a luxury I would never have. But then as Charlotte began to crawl around on the floor that I had just sprayed with my Swifer Wet Jet (that I had spent money on) and covered her in Johnson and Johnson "lavender" lotion that I purchased with money  I begin to feel a conviction, a stirring in me to do better, to do better for my family's health. These products of carcinogens in them and those chemicals change the cells in our body.  Despite the fact that we spend money on personal and cleaning products everyday I Still felt like it was going to be too expensive so I dismissed it.

As many of you know I have a rough time with hormonal changes with reproductive health. Always sick during TOM, ever since I was a teenager, extreme morning sickness, even flu like symptoms post-partum and weaning, anytime my blood work is done I have high estrogen and low progesterone, to the point that I had to have progesterone shots weekly during my pregnancies because during my first pregnancy I had Liam pre-term because of my low levels. I had a friend Lauren Watson share about how Young Living's P-Plus had leveled her out and reached out to her. While I was weaning Charlotte I was so sick, I was desperate.

I had purchased lavender and thieves at random in the past, we used lavender mixed with water for good rest and every single night the kids AND myself use our sleepy spray! Its so obvious it works, we are all sleeping better and to me sleep is inviolable! What's hilarious is that every single interaction I had with Young Living each product did exactly what it was supposed to and helped our family in significant ways.

I also actually purchased and returned the starter kit AGES ago! We were living in the Ohio Valley (the allergy capital of America) ha! diffused a few oil for a few days, didn’t get better and I sent it back! I wish now I would have hung onto it and learned how to use them properly! BUT I'm stubborn and it has taken me all these years to humble myself that yeah we need these. Every family needs these oils. We are spending the money anyways! on cloroxlysol, target brand mosquito spray, banana boat sunscreen.

 So it's been cool to just each month spend my money on non-toxic products that work! Instead of the junk I was getting at Target. 

I am loving them so much that as cliche as it sounds I'm SO passionate about getting these products and the other stuff OUT that I want to help everyone get going with them! 

I was skeptical at first too, until you get them in your hands and see that they work! 

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